15 Pet Loss Sympathy Messages - The Perfect Words For a Grieving Friend

Finding the right words to say after a friend, family or loved one’s pet has passed away can be hard. You just want to get it right and give your support as much as possible.

As it mentions in UltimatePetHub, your pet is a lifelong friend and it can be devastating to lose them. A pet will be with their owner for the majority of their lives and will build up countless experiences together. 

It's the same emotions and pain that anyone would feel if they’ve lost a member of their family. Sometimes a pet can be your most loyal partner and dealing with the pain of a loss can be difficult for anyone. 

Sending a sympathy message to your friend, family or colleague can feel like the right thing to do, especially if you think it will make a difference. 

It can be tricky to find the exact words to say as you try to include many different aspects of their pain, grief and sorrow, but also their joy, love, and happiness they shared through their pet's life. 

We've laid out the best sympathy messages anyone can use to show someone else that they care and that they are sorry for their loss.  

Remember, the most suitable type of pet sympathy letter shouldn't be too long as you want to get your point across concisely and gently. Equally, you don't need to add in humour just for the sake of it. 

Try to write from the heart and be mindful of the other persons' feelings.

Try to write from the heart and be mindful of the other persons' feelings
Try to write from the heart and be mindful of the other persons' feelings

Here are 15 Loss of pet messages to use to show someone else you care about how they are feeling and will be there to help out:

  1. Our pets never really leave us. They live on in our minds through the affection and support they gave us.
  2. Our wonderful friends have blessed our lives and given us heaps of love. May fond thoughts of [Pet’s name] bring peace and happiness always.
  3. To lose a genuine friend is never straightforward. Know that you are in our/my hearts and minds
  4. In this time of grieving, perhaps you could commemorate the life of your beloved pet friend and try to remember all the pleasant memories to help soothe your pain.
  5. It’s difficult to bid farewell to such a loving companion. My thoughts and feelings are with you.
  6. Of all the words you've ever used to express [Pet’s name], there is only one that I can think of at this moment – Irreplaceable.
  7. May affectionate memories of your beloved pet stay in your spirit and warm your soul always.
  8. I know that it's challenging to communicate the right words to ease the hurt when such a beautiful friend passes. Try to Keep the memories intimate and know that I’m keeping you in my heart.
  9. Some pets are friends and some are relatives. The loss of an amazing dog/cat/pet is never easy and I’m forever here if you need comforting.
  10. I’m very sad to hear about the loss of your pet and best friend. They were a pure gift from above. I am so sorry for your misfortune.
  11. Life is fleeting, and the loss of a pet reminds us of how valuable time is. I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of such an incredible pet and offer my sympathies in your time of need.
  12. Thinking about you and [pet’s name] at this tough time. If there is anything you need just say it.
  13. We can never keep our pet's for as long as we want them! You and [pet’s name] are in our thoughts and prayers.
  14. [Pet’s name] was such a charming [dog/cat/etc.]. He/she was fortunate to have been given a family like you.
  15. I know you miss [pet’s name] a great deal. I’m thinking about you and sending prayers always


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